Hell Dorado: Anna Bogna Pavolva

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... so the bloke in the furs, y’see, he starts a-talkin’ business with old Sigismond, fishy stuff I bet, prob’ly slave trading the damned! But hey, I ain’t told ye nothin’ ye hear me! At some point, dunno why, it starts getting nasty. Those Saxon types get up and surround the noble bloke, drawn their daggers and coshes and all they had! The fat lass, she don’t move a muscle, but she starts this kind of animal growlin’. Sigismond makes a move forwards, looks like he’s decided to do away with other bloke. And that’s when the gal jumps to her feet, grunting and growling, and with a single swipe of her hand sends her protégé flying out of harm’s reach. Then with a strike of her club she turns one of the Saxons’ heads into a pulp!

I don’t mind tellin’ ye, those other blokes, their balls must have been the size of dried peas by then! They was shakin’ like leaves, me friend! Sigismond, ye know what how proud and cocky he is, he butts in and starts circling her. Tried a couple of flash moves, ye know, to try her out, and bam! She goes at him like a bear and splits his noggin in two, straight down the middle with a single blow! Yessir! Well done her, I says! I was right there when it happened and I don’t mind tellin’ ye me boots were far from dry after that, but I must say I admire the gal!

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