Hell Dorado: Charon

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Welcome to the Styx, Gonzalo de Melo. My name is Charon, and I will be, at least for the time being, your passer on your way to the Afterlife. Although that word hardly means anything nowadays, I still intend to honor old oaths and ancient traditions. You do not fully realize the honor I am doing you today, oh ghost of an illustrious man. Old Charon now only accompanies the souls of famous figures. You were a celebrated swordsman up Above, am I right? Ah, yes, you do remember! Wonderful, what a promising new recruit! Most passages are carried out by other beings of my kind. They are quite identical to me, they are my protégés, my helpers, my friends... almost. The ferryman pauses for a moment and breathes out a sigh filled with hints of bitterness. Regrets... You will have the extra honor, oh ghost of glory past, to be my last convoy. Men have profaned the Underworld: you should not be here. A delicate balance thousands of years old has been broken. I can no longer morally accept to carry souls to the great Judgement without betraying my oath.

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