Hell Dorado: Dibukkim

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Abdel had problems remembering the world as it was before. Before he became a Dibbukim. When he was a Blessed Warrior among many others. He served in a company with childhood friends of his. They had all signed up at the same time. They fought like lions in the name of Allah. The burden became heavier and heavier. Then that terrible day came. Nightmare creatures appeared from nowhere. The demon stole his heart and his mind. He had stared deep into Abdel’s eyes, reached in and crushed his soul. His faith alone had saved him from death, but it drove him mad; he could no longer control himself. It was as if he had become pure rage and thirst for blood. His scimitar had been brought down again, and again... Until he awoke again amidst his friends. Dead. By his own hand. He had screamed. He would have wanted to die with them, but God had not granted him that chance.

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