Hell Dorado: Fangs of the Pit

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Straight away, the beasts that the Lost call "Fangs of the Pit" ran in to circle him. How strange it was to see these Cerberus-like beasts - did I mention that they have two enormous heads? - behaving like loyal hunting dogs protecting their master, even more strange that they were protecting one that they would ordinarily be hunting. For these are the hounds of Hell, or so I am told, the ones they set loose on the heels of marauding damned ones or slaves attempting to escape from their master’s domain. They are trained to track down the young souls, the less compliant ones in Hell, the ones that still smell of "Fresh Human", as their masters say themselves. But when young Arnolfini fell to the ground, the dogs gathered around him, a circle of fangs and claws, growling like the devils they are to defend him from our enemies.

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