Hell Dorado: Helle Moller

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Don’t worry. You’ll get out of this alive, I promise you. Here, see: I have enough water for two. Honestly, I’m the one who deserves a bit of a drink, you sure made me run around after you! What were you thinking of, hitching up with that Infernalist! Did you even think of how hurt your husband’s feelings would be when you ran off like that with that rascal? Although, having seen your other half, I can’t really blame you! He’s not exactly a spring chicken any more, is he. I guess compared to him, your sorcerer was Apollo on a pedestal! But the old man must be quite a catch, isn’t he? One of the best in the whole of New Jerusalem, I’m sure. And when I found out how much he was willing to pay to see your pretty face again, I guessed he really cared a lot for you.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.