Hell Dorado: Isaia and Golem

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So, my nephew, you are wondering who is this wandering Jew, Isaia ben Moshe? I will tell you. My friend Isaia is neither a sorcerer for the demons, nor a spy for the Christians. He is simply a man who made a terrible mistake many years ago. After a lifetime spent studying the Zohar and the Kabbalah, this scholar was haunted by doubt: God had deserted his heart. And with him had gone his faith in his science. To try to find peace of mind, Isaia went one night to the old synagogue of the Jewish ghetto in Prague. There he found the dead Golem, as Loew ben Bezalel, its creator, had left it. Isaia drew the aleph into the soft clay, returning it to life, and thus testing his own knowledge. Reassured by this result, he then wished to send the creature back to sleep, but found that he could not! The creature of vengeance stood there, waiting stoically to be given a designated enemy. Allah is the One worshiped by the Jews, and Allah does not like people using his name for their own ends. When Isaia beheld the monster he had released, he realized that although his science was good, he had put it to bad use indeed. He was afraid, and he ran away, but the creature followed him everywhere like his own shadow, so he always had to hide away from the sight of other men; especially in the lands full of Christians who harbor a most ferocious hatred of Jews and never miss an occasion to mistreat them. Thankfully for my friend, the Golem was there to protect him on his journey. And thankfully for the Golem, my friend was there to protect the creature in return, for the unfinished being did not have the mind of men, and would kill anyone without distinction were it not guided.

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