Hell Dorado: Jinx

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The inquisitor looked down through his telescope at the damned ones below with disgust. This was a place where the satanist fighters had been abandoned to themselves, with no leader and no mission. Rather than hold the position, the cursed souls had returned to their usual state of idleness. Victory would be easily acquired here. This would show that they must be rid of all the bandits, rascals, whores and those Protestants from the troops... that only those who fight with faith in the Pope could lead this campaign. A dull groaning attracted the attention of the inquisitor.

The feeble squeaking was coming from some kind of atrocious newborn that looked as if it had been roasted on a spit the moment it had emerged from the womb. Three damned ones were playing with it, throwing it to one another. Out of sheer cruelty, one of them let it hit a nearby wall instead of catching it. This cunning tactic sent the other two off into hysterical laughter, which was accompanied by a laborious wheezing.

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