Hell Dorado: Kartikeya

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Ordering his trackers to crawl further forward, he then climbed down a stalagmite and, hanging from the hot rock, looked ahead. There stood the stone circle that the rebels had chosen as their spot to make a last stand. Kartikeya could tell that this was where Bran’s band was by the banner that he could see at rest, fluttering listlessly in the anemic breeze, over the tops of the stones that made up the circle. The banner clearly showed the medusa’s eye that was said to symbolize the nation made up of all the lost tribes. Kartikeya snorted in disgust while considering such a thing. For such a strong warrior as Bran to pander to the other weaker tribes seemed pointless to Kartikeya. Only through blood could the Lost forge a nation strong enough to stand up to the Demons. The strong survive and the weak are left behind, as it is in nature so it had to be here. Hell had little compassion for the meek.

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