Hell Dorado: Nasser abd er Rahman

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Following the holy knight is another pious human but from a different faction, the Saracen Nasser abd er Rahman! Flying into battle on a magic carpet held aloft by spirit figures and wielding a wicked scimitar, Nasser has strong basic stats with powerful leadership capabilities and special powers. His movement is boosted greatly with Fast 2 and Levitation, and the latter pairs nicely with Moving Shot so he can freely fire and then move to cover. Charisma and Prescient further his usefulness, while his orders include Wish, Tears of Allah (to give a friendly Muslim unit Immunity and remove all states), and Arrow of the Thousand Faces to shoot past the first available target! Make sure to field Nasser in your Saracen force and make full use of all those cool abilities.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.