Hell Dorado: Quetzalcoatl

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I come forth, in the shining garb of our ancestors, to now tell the tale of great Quetzalcoatl, god of deliverance, who brought the Nahuatl to the lands of Mictlan. In the time of turmoil, when the False Ones did lay low the cities of the Nahuatl with thunder and iron, great Quetzalcoatl came to the people. His roar was heard by all the scattered people, and they did know fear, for he is without equal. Alone, he destroyed the False Ones, and gathered the scattered tribes unto him. More False Ones came before the people, and great Quetzalcoatl commanded the Nahuatl to destroy them, and sacrifice their hearts upon the sacred altar. But the power of the False Ones was too great for the Nahuatl, and in our defeat many turned toward the False Ones and their god.

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