Hell Dorado: Sara Zingaresce

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Surprising. That is the word I would choose to describe these Christians from «other shores». It has been but a few months since the first of them set foot on infernal soil, and they already count a handful of infernalists in their midst who are able to perform invocations. I will hereby attempt to paint you a faithful portrait of one of these specialists, whose numbers are ever growing. She, for the invoker I am about to describe is indeed a woman, is of the ghajar race, that which the Francs call Tsiganes.

Dark and beautiful, like the sky of a moonless night, draped in colorful, ever-moving cloth, she moves through a battle like a falcon through a flock of turtle-doves. The brush strokes of my tale could well lead you to think that this vixen is a delicate rose from the very gardens of Samarkand.

This blister contains Sara as well as two lemures, Candle and Ringhioso.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.