Hell Dorado: Sling Maiden and Maggot Bearer

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I have already written about the one they call "Wormpile", but it does seem that the Underworld has unlimited potential for cadavers, rotting flesh and maggots. One of the best examples is the unfortunate creature that strongly resembles a swollen cadaver, constantly devoured by maggots as big as your fist. It always follows its mistress, a shameless vixen who has many a demonic trait. Her right breast has been removed, in the fashion of the Amazons of old, leaving nothing but a red swollen scar. But the most repulsive detail is her left arm, which looks like the appendage of an insect, articulated like a suit of armor and made of a dark and shiny material. However she does not seem to notice it and uses it like she would her own hand, so well, in fact, that she is more skilled with this curious limb than some men are with a full hand of five fingers.

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