Hell Dorado: Soul Carrier

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Upon seeing the pack of lizard like beasts, the bureaucrat turned to Zhang Ming with a command forming on his lips. Unfortunately, one of the beasts burst from the reeds and cut the head from the peasant closest to where it had been hiding before the mandarin could speak. Ming, understanding that the bureaucrat could only want him to do one thing, called forth the choking, soul-impregnated mist from the water bearing yoke around his neck.

As usual, chaos descended with the mist. Half seen figures and motion in your peripheral vision where common inside the mist. While Ming and the other peasants traveling with the party, and in the surrounding fields, where not choked by the mists as others where, they still couldn’t see well through it. As the mists billowed out, the beast snatched the body of the peasant it had beheaded and retreated back into the reeds noisily. As Ming knew, the lizards normally took grisly trophies to decorate their feathers and hide from any bodies they were able to seize, as well as sustenance.

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