Heroes Unlimited RPG

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There has never been a single superhero RPG book, like Heroes Unlimited, that enables players to create virtually every type of hero imaginable ...

Mutants, superhumans, alien visitors, super-sleuths, weapon masters, cyborgs, robots, psychics, masters of the mystic arts, super-soldiers, genius inventors, and even crazy heroes.

Heroes Unlimited, 2nd Edition, there ain't nothing like it. But don't take our word for it. Pick up a copy and see for yourself.

  • Creation rules for virtually every genre of hero.
  • Over 100 super-abilities plus special skills and genius.
  • Cyborg and robot hero creation rules.
  • Super vehicles creation rules, gimmicks and high technology.
  • Secret identities and secret organizations.
  • Rules clarifications, tweaks and additional information.
  • New, dynamic Steranko cover and new interior art.
  • Adventure ideas, guidelines and tons of fun.
  • Compatible with Rifts® and the entire Palladium Megaverse™.
  • Written & created by Kevin Siembieda.
  • Additional material by Wayne Breaux Jr.
  • 352 pages
  • Cat. No. 500 - I.S.B.N. 1-57457-006-4