High Frontier: Colonization Expansion

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High Frontier Colonization, is the 2nd edition expansion to both the first and second editions of High Frontier. English language. Comes in ziplock, components replace the 1st edition expansion and fit in the original box.

The second edition High Frontier expansion, for 1 to 5 players, contains everything in the original expansion plus rules, cards, and game pieces for four new card modules (i.e. three new card types to research and one new starting card), one new endgame module (see 22.0), seven new operations, and one new movement. It plays using the legacy expanded rules, with these added features:

  • Multiple spacecraft (Rocket, Bernal, Freighter, and mobile factories).
  • Gigawatt thrusters 100X more powerful than the legacy megawatt thrusters.
  • Multiple Outposts (up to two).
  • Multiple Products from each factory (using an assumed 3D printer capacity).
  • Multiple Operations (one per colonist), with a variable order of play.
  • Freighters that carry multiple products plus a 3D printer for making replacement parts.
  • 12-year sunspot cycle with biennial events. Triangle burns "inspire" rather than generate events.
  • Expansion Map extended out to the inner Oort Cloud at 550 AU.
  • "Werner's Star" solitaire variant (2-hours playing time).