Illuminati: Y2K

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The Y2K bug failed to knock civilization back to the stone age, but it did inspire this expansion for Illuminati – adding another layer of weirdness to the classic game of conspiracy. Add the Alien Abductors, Cattle Mutilators, Gamers, and 73 other groups to your power structure. Twenty-six Special cards and two Illuminati groups – Shangri-La and Church of the SubGenius – further the frenzy.

Illuminati Y2K adds new ways to beef up your Illuminati group and its puppets. Use High Fashion to channel megabucks to Discordia, or Computer Dating Services to add extra cards to the Network's hand. Play Red Scare, May Day, or Political Correctness for additional income or pump up Resistance, but only for one Alignment. Add your favorite organization, urban legend, or personality with the six blank Group cards. Plus: Ninjas!

This is not a stand-alone game; you'll need Illuminati to play.