In Flames: Chimera

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On the Flame Worlds, Ultratech is the dominant technology. Highly advanced and capable of great things, the myriad devices and constructs created from Ultratech are nevertheless crude tools compared to the mysterious technology found in the caverns of Cloud, Graintech. This nanotechnology is so advanced as to be beyond the understanding of even the most intelligent Shalk scientists in the Fire Council’s employ. However, that is not to say that progress has not been made. Decoding the barest fraction of Graintech has allowed scientists to make miraculous discoveries, and melding this new found knowledge with Ultratech has led to rapid and astonishing advances in technological understanding in recent times. This new technology is now seeping out into the Flame System, and having a profound effect. The project that has led to these discoveries is known by the codename of Chimera, and the new technology is called Dust.

However, all is not as it seems. With the proliferation of Dust built upon Grain technology, the influence of the controlling intellect that manipulates the machines within Cloud is growing, and seeking revenge…

Chimera is an In Flames sourcebook for Dust, technologies at the bleeding edge of science, and details some of the devices that have become reality through the work of project Chimera. Also discussed is an enemy of Ghede that seeks to thwart the plans of Exiles on the Flame Worlds, and would kill them if it could…