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Make your own bits!Have you ever wanted to make an extra weapon or shoulder pad for your army, but just can't be bothered to go on ebay to go through all the hassle to get another one? Instant mold is a revolutionary products that allows you to:

  • Duplicate any surface!
  • Sets in minutes!
  • Use again and again!
  • endless applications!

Instant Mold is a heat softened and reusable putty that cools instantly and does not stick to Green Stuff/Kneadatite, Stick Putty or other common sculpting putties. Create instant molds of hard to replicate details. Once you're done, put it back in hot water and do it again!

Pack contains enough Instant Mold for most small projects (6 sticks total). Instant Molds can be stored in cast shape indefinitely at cool temperatures, so get more to preserve your own mold designs.