Island Siege

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Island Siege is a card game of colonization in the West Indies. Players build forts using building stones from their supply, then move colonists in each turn to populate it. Colonists in turn build buildings and ships, which then house the colonists. Buildings provide players with special abilities, while ships are sent to lay siege to the opponent's forts. The goal is for players to get all of their colonists into play on their forts, buildings and ships. Be careul, though, whenever a fort is destroyed by an opponent's fleet all of its colonists, and the colonists of buildings behind the fort are removed from play! Alternately, players may win by earning 20 gold from building. Winning requires a keen balance of building and laying an Island Siege!

Contents: 42 cards |4 custom dice | 27 wooden building cubes | 18 wooden colonist meeples | 2 wooden ship tokens | rules