Legend of the Five Rings CCG: War of Honor

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War of Honor is an exciting new way to play Legend of the Five Rings, incorporating board game concepts to take the L5R CGG multiplayer experience to a whole new level. Featuring four completely built Clan decks, tiles, counters and more, as well as tiles for all the other Clans in L5R, there’s enough for anyone to start playing right away.

By the inclusion of a modular board of tiles, and changing from static victory conditions to a victory point based method, War of Honor creates a robust and exciting game, where no player need play in fear of king-making. Best of all, by taking starter decks and other cards from the L5R CCG, you can expand your experience! Simply pop open a starter deck, grab the associated Clan tiles, and you’re ready to play.


  • 1 fully painted game board
  • 1 illustrated rulebook
  • 144 Clan markers with clan mon
  • 16 Honor/Dishonor tracking markers
  • 27 Clan Fortress tiles
  • 18 plains tiles
  • 1 Toshi Ranbo stating tile
  • 4 quick rules tiles
  • 4 fully playable decks (one for each Clan in the box)