Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Book of Void

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The way of the Void is different for every samurai, for the Void itself encompasses every choice and none. Some study it, some hide from it, some are overcome by it, but none can ignore it. The Void is everywhere.

The final volume of the Elemental Series presents the world of the strangest Element of all – the Void. Infinite and yet unattainable, enigmatic and all-knowing, the Void suffuses every aspect of Rokugan. Those who master its secrets attain power like no others, but all too often the Void drives its acolytes to madness. Secrets, mysteries, and enigmas abound in every corner of the Emerald Empire, and this book explores them all.

  • Complete discussion of the philosophical, religious, and supernatural aspects of the Void in Rokugan.
  • Detailed examination of the notorious Ishiken (the Phoenix Void Shugenja).
  • An array of mysteries and enigmatic legends for GMs and players to incorporate into their campaigns.
  • A complete campaign setting: the sinister forest of Nazo Mori.
  • New game mechanics including multi-Element magic, the Dragon Channellers, the Void Mystic.
  • And much more!