Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Enemies of the Empire

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For its long history, the Emerald Empire of Rokugan has known little peace. The enemies of the Empire are numerous and powerful, and only knowledge of these threats offers a chance for defeating them! Enemies of the Empire is the first book to follow up the Legend of the Five Rings Fourth Edition Role-playing Game. The book features many new threats for players, including creatures both natural and fantastic, as well as internal threats such as vast conspiracies and evil blood cults. But the information within is not only for challenging the players, as there are also new races, schools, and more for the players! Play as the ancient Naga, cunning Nezumi, wayward ronin, or even take on the roles of those out to destroy the Empire! - Many new threats and adventure ideas to challenge your players, both from within the Empire and without. - New races and schools allow players to move away from the role of the samurai, taking on the challenge of being an outsider. - The history of the setting from the view of various races, few of which correlate to the Rokugani traditions. - Adventure options, new spells, techniques, and more.