Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Imperial Histories 2

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Housed within the Ikoma Libraries, the Temple to Tengen, sit the Imperial Histories, the chronicles of the Emerald Empire. Compiled over a thousand years by adept historians, studied by scholars throughout the lands of the Jade Sun, and containing the wisdom of generations, these documents are a testament to the favor of heaven. Their pages tell the story of an Empire that is destined for greatness.

But as the candle-light’s flickering flame illuminates the history of an Empire, it casts obscuring shadows as well. Dark times that were judged better left forgotten, buried deep, hidden… or omitted entirely. And the trenches of time sometimes diverge in places, like the reflections of a scrying bowl ripple and change, becoming something else entirely. Yet every era, even those that were darkest, had its heroes. Even in those distorted images of an Empire that never came to be, honor has always been stronger than steel.

Thirteen new eras in great detail, including:

  • The Reign of the Shining Prince, The Era of the Four Winds, and the Age of Exploration!
  • Also including bold new alternate settings, like the Togashi Dynasty, The Shadowed Throne, and the Empire of the Emerald Stars!
  • In-Depth looks at the Clans and Characters of each era, and great ideas & inspirations for your own campaigns!
  • All new schools, spells, ancestors, techniques, and more, some thought lost to the ages.