Legend of the Five Rings RPG: Secrets of the Empire

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“Show me a man who has no secrets, and I will show you either a corpse or a terrible threat to the status quo.” - Otomo Banu Consumed with there are with their own affairs and agendas, the Great Clans of Rokugan rarely pay attention to the goings on of the other groups that share the Empire with them. The Minor Clans, ronin, the Brotherhood of Shinsei, and even the Imperial families themselves are often overlooked in the schemes of the Great Clans, and often to the detriment of those who fail to take them into account. Secrets of the Empire presents in great detail information concerning these groups, including an exhaustive list of Rokugan’s Minor Clans, the political intrigue of the Imperial families, and much more detail on the workings of the Empire’s wave men and the ubiquitous Brotherhood of Shinsei, not to mention the mysterious Spirit Realms that lay just beyond the reach of the mortal world. In this book you will find:

• Ancestors for each of the groups mentioned above!
• The history and culture of each of Rokugan’s many Minor Clans!
• The secrets of the Hantei, Otomo, Seppun, Miya, Toturi, and Iweko families!
• Information on many sects and practices of the Brotherhood of Shinsei!