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In uncharted waters, the ship, Santa Timea, has collided with a reef, and the sailors set off in the old lifeboats for a hair-raising journey to sheltering shores. As the lifeboats move closer to the islands, water rushes in and sailors get thrown overboard. But it's all done democratically and the majority rules - unless you happen to play the Captain’s Hat at the right time to overrule everyone.

In Lifeboats, players use their cards to vote for which boat moves closer to safety, which boat springs a leak and who gets thrown overboard. Negotiation skills are a must and backstabbing will not be uncommon - after all, you will do whatever is necessary to get your sailors to shore... and so will everyone else!


  • 7 wooden lifeboats
  • 61 cards
  • 42 wooden sailors
  • 15 wooden leak discs
  • 1 start player token
  • 1 gameboard