Lords of Xidit

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The Southern Host - an ancestral curse - has arisen, and all the familiars of Xidit are out of control! Even the order of High Mages - the revered Guardians of Argos - struggles to contain the threat.

As one of the five Idrakys, heirs to the kingdom’s great dynasties, it falls on you to aid the Guardians and regain control of the kingdom.
Travel the kingdom, recruit brave defenders, free the cities and become THE Lord of Xidit!


  • 70 figurines; 75 guild stories; 60 sovereigns; 100 bard tokens; 3 assessment tiles; 1 game board; 1 dummy board and 3 dummy tokens; 39 city tiles; 1 bastion; 1 year token; 2 empty tokens; 18 score tokens; 5 order tokens; 1 first player token; 6 titan tiles; 5 screens; 3 calendar tiles; 5 programming boards; 5 idrakys tokens.


  • Intuitive, original game inspired by Himalaya.
  • New and unexpected strategic options.
  • High replayability.
  • A highly immersive game.