Lost Legacy: Second Chronicle: Vorpal Sword and Whitegold Spire

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In ages past, a strange craft from beyond the skies visited this world. The craft broke apart, unleashing remnants of its unusual power the pieces of this vessel have become known as the Lost Legacies. One of the most famous of the Lost Legacies is the Whitegold Spire. It is a tall tower formed of a unique metal known as whitegold, which enhances the effects of spells and magical powers and it is highly sought after in all known lands! Now, a group of treasure seekers have planned a daring heist. Their goal: to infiltrate the spire and steal a large shipment of whitegold directly out of the vault! Lost Legacy: Second Chronicle contains two sets of game cards: Vorpal Sword and Whitegold Spire. Each set can be played independently or mixed together with other sets to create a unique custom set.