Mansions of Madness: Call of the Wild Expansion

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Venture into the unknown with Call of the Wild, an expansion for Mansions of Madness! Five new scenarios and eleven double-sided board tiles plunge investigators into the mysterious backwoods, shaking the foundations of what players have come to expect. The keeper has even more surprises at his disposal, and at times must solve ritual puzzles and seek out clues. A focus on outdoor maps encourages non-linear exploration, and new Allies assist in combat while driving the macabre narrative. Survive the wilderness in Call of the Wild!

Call of the Wild Includes:

  • 295 Cards
  • 88 Tokens and Markers
  • 11 Double-sided map tiles
  • 1 Rulebook and 1 Keeper Guide
  • 4 Investigator and 11 Monster Figures