Mansions of Madness: Forbidden Alchemy Expansion

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The one unbroken lamp in the ransacked laboratory illuminates a small, slug-like creature wriggling on a glass dish. The notes next to it are covered with a bizarre mix of mathematical formulae and arcane symbols. Suddenly, a thick stream of ichor falls across the notes from somewhere above you. Your blood chills as you unholster your revolver. Something growls at you from the rafters.

Forbidden Alchemy is a horrifying expansion for Mansions of Madness that presents investigators with three new tales of scientific horror, plus a host of new components for their existing stories! This comprehensive expansion contains four new heroes and two new monster types, plus never-before-seen rules and components for Alchemy puzzles, Side Effect cards, mutations, crawling hands, and even time travel. Do you dare face the otherworldly horrors that lurk within?

Forbidden Alchemy includes:

  • 140 mini American cards
  • 83 standard American cards
  • 8 detailed plastic figures
  • 6 map tiles
  • 40 tokens and markers