Memoir 44: Battlemap Volume 3 Sword Of Stalingrad

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The Sword of Stalingrad expansion features 2 large-scale ready-to-play Overlord scenarios that highlight the intense fight for this pivotal Russian city - Sword of Stalingrad and Rats in a Factory. It also includes new Summary cards for the previously published Battle Maps and Mediterranean Theater expansion; 2 Standard scenarios; and introduces a new Combat Deck - 20 new cards specifically designed for urban warfare. The Combat Deck marks the first time that additional cards have been created for in-game play in the Memoir '44 system.


  • 1 Double-sided, large-scale Overlord map with complete scenario instructions
  • 2 Standard Scenarios - Mamayev Kurgan and Pavlov, Hero of the Soviet Union
  • New Summary Cards
  • New Combat Deck with 20 new cards
  • Revised Behind Enemy Lines Command card

Requires 1 copy of Memoir '44 and the Operation Overlord expansion, or two full copies of Memoir '44. The two Standard scenarios also require a copy of the Eastern Front and Terrain Pack for set-up; and purists wishing to use all figures of the proper color in the Overlord scenarios will need two copies of the Eastern Front expansion.