Memoir 44: Campaign Book Volume 2 Expansion

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Campaign Book Volume 2 invites you to rediscover even more of World War II in all of its staggering scope and intensity. Forty six new scenarios spread across 11 unique campaigns will take your campaign skills to the next level as you attempt to lead your men to victory across 5 distinct theaters of operations.
This book builds upon the campaign rules, first introduced in Campaign Book Volume 1, to let you play scenarios in succession with the outcome of each battle impacting the ones that follow.


  • Advanced Campaign Rules - Reserves, Special Events...
  • 5 Theaters of Operation - Pacific Islands, Poland, Normandy...
  • 11 Different campaigns - Guadalcanal, Invasion of Malaya, Fall of Poland, Normandy Breakthrough...
  • 46 new scenarios - Tenaru, Iwo Jima Landings, Singapore, Tuchola Forest, Drop In The Night, Rescue of Mussolini...
  • 3 New badges - Jungle Fighters, Polish Dragoons, 82nd Airborne
  • 24 Round tokens - Reserve Tokens, Smoke Screen, Veteran Star...
  • 6 Obstacles - Broken Bridge, Landing Crafts, Casemates

This book is an expansion for the Memoir '44 boardgame. An original copy of Memoir '44 is required to play.
The Island Hoppers Grand Campaign can be played with the base game and the Pacific Theater expansion. The Bicycle Blitzkrieg, Fall of Poland and Break Through Normandy campaigns require tiles from the Terrain Pack. The Normandy campaign also requires the Breakthrough boards. The Air Aces campaign requires the Air Pack expansion.