Mines of Zavandor

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Grimmborn, King of the Dwarves of Zavandor, is about to retire. He needs to arrange for his successor. The traditional method of choosing a successor is having a procession of two to four candidates through the mines.

You are one of those candidates, following the Path to Kingship, which winds through the depths of the mountains to reach the Coronation Chamber. On the way, you will be receiving gems with which to bid on to acquire improvements and the upgrading of those improvements. The player with the most victory points upon reaching the chamber is the winner and new King of the Dwarves.


  • 1 Path to Kingship board
  • 2 auction boards
  • 112 gem cards
  • 56 improvement cards
  • 4 player boards
  • Approx 70 wooden cubes
  • Approx 30 VP markers
  • 1 starting piece
  • 1 King piece
  • Rules