Mutant Epoch RPG: The Crossroads Region Gazeteer

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The Crossroads Region Gazetteer is the first official setting for The Mutant Epoch role playing game and contains the sprawling city of Overpass, the purist capital of Pure Hub City, the Aberrationist capital of Newburg, along with thirty one other factional and independent communities.

Herein, the fortified excavator’s town of Pitford resides, as well as the village of Walsave from the Mall of Doom adventure. Several upcoming TME adventures are also set in this region. Designed to connect with other upcoming gazetteers, this territory sits directly above uncharted zones meant to be created by the game master. No further settings will be published which document the areas south of the Crossroads Region, and instead future books will only describe areas, north, east and west.

Included in this 448 page book:
• 33 Community Descriptions • 98 Locations of Interest Descriptions
• 320 Illustrations • 39 maps • 20 NPCs
• Plus details on regional factions, ruin areas, outlaws, heroes, organization, nomadic communities and much more!
• Access to downloadable map and game ready content archive, including larger versions of included maps