Neuroshima Hex: Steel Police

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The Steel Police are a wandering brigade of fanatics who want to ensure that the law is respected. They are equipped with a new experimental power armor. This armor is equipped with many cybernetic enhancements that increase the organism’s abilities, but at what cost ? Steel Police officers will automatically repond to anything they consider a threat. They often appear out of nowhere and try to restore order in the middle of a battlefield. They are rutheless in their application of the law and many year for the days where chaos and anarchy ruled…

The Steel Police army introduces a new ability : Reflection. This ability protects army units from all form of attacks directed at it’s side marked with the Reflection icon. A such attack will instead reflect back on the attacking unit.


  • 35 Steel Police army tiles
  • 1 Net marker
  • 2 Police Steel HQ markers
  • 15 Wound markers
  • Rulebook / army reference card