No Retreat 2: The North African Front

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No Retreat: The North African Front offers a narrative game rich in the feel for the ebb-and-flow of the campaign, wrapped around an exciting maneuver and combat system that harkens back to the glory days of classic wargaming, but includes all the modern features and plenty of innovations. This Deluxe Edition combines both the original game, featuring five quick-playing scenarios, a Tournament Game, a full-fledged Campaign game, and a bonus "Invasion of Crete" mini-game, all using deluxe components.


  • Three 2-sided mounted maps
  • One sheet of 88, 2-sided square units
  • 55 Event cards (37 for NR2, 18 for Crete)
  • One sheet of 112, 2-sided round markers
  • Rulebook
  • Playbook
  • 7 Player Aid Cards
  • Two 6-sided dice