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From Pat Rothfuss' child-like book that's very much NOT for children, comes Nate Taylor's "Princess and Mr. Whiffle" Pairs deck, a macabre and delightful collection of dismembered stuffed animals and other nightmare creatures. This deck is based on a series of books by Rothfuss, beginning with the Princess and Mr. Whiffle. They are charming for grown-ups, but, despite their fairy-tale look, they might or might not be suitable for your child.

The Princess and Mr. Whiffle deck will also come with a game called Stacks, which has several variations of its own.

Game Rules: The back page of every Pairs rulebook will be different, with details on a variant that's exclusive to that deck. (The front page always has the basic rules.) The Princess and Mr. Whiffle deck contains the rules to a simple bidding game called Kitty.