Pathfinder: Loot 4 Less Volume 1

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Equipping low-level characters in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game can be a little dull-they have limited resources, and magic items cost a lot of gold.
Well not anymore! Loot 4 Less presents an incredible array of permanent magic items (not potions or wands or other items with a limited number of charges) each of which costs 2,500 gp or less.
Written by industry veterans and Pathfinder contributors Owen K.C. Stephens and Stan!, this volume contains such items as:

  • Tombkeeper-a greatsword that deals bludgeoning damage and is covered in faux flames.
  • Swift striking weapons, boosting your attacks of opportunity each round.
  • Rugged armor, which boosts your defense against melee attacks
  • Rod of Bolt Throwing-a dragon-headed metal tube that spews crossbow bolts with the touch of a button.
  • Ring of Clotting-a ring that allows the wearer to automatically stabilize when pushed to negative hit points.