Pathfinder: Pure Steam Campaign Setting

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In the Age of Steam, Coal is King! Set in the Age of Steam, the Pure Steam Campaign Setting is fully compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. But, this isn't your grandma's steampunk. Here, Hillbillies and Yankees scatter the landscape, which is more Appalachian than Victorian, and the old, tired mountains rich in coal veins are home to the economic powerhouses of the setting. This setting sourcebook focuses on the Federated States of Ullera, a relatively young nation born out of the Abolition War, founded on freedom from oppression and learning to handle its newfound economic prosperity and political power. Take on the role of the Chaplain, power up as the Gearhead, or try your hand at one of the unique class archetypes such as the Pugilist, Grease Rat, or Ructioneer. Aim true and strike hard with new weapons, accessories, and gadgetry, and experience the horror science can awaken with new monsters such as the Reanimated Corpse and the Wondrous Armature.