Pathfinder RPG: Fields of Blood

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The endless fields of waving grains and scrub brush - many see them as featureless wastes, places to be crossed in a journey with little to catch the eye or divert the attention. But these vast seas of grass play home to many terrible beasts, deadly challenges, and amazing tales all hiding just beneath the thin veneer of featureless expanses. With cultural elements and traditions taken from the American Great Plains, the African Savannah, and the Mongolian Steppes, Fields of Blood provides new Pathfinder-compatible rules for plains environments, hazards, travel, skills and feats, equipment, monsters, deities, spells, and archetypes. In addition, Fields of Blood includes three ready-to-play adventures for introducing your players into the endless expanse of the grassy sea: "Feast of Fury", "Red Wedding", and "Madness Grows".