Pathfinder: Sunken Empires

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Sunken Empires is a treasure trove for anyone fascinated with lost civilizations and ancient magic, from GMs who want to place the technology of lost civilizations, run astonishing undersea adventures, expand their aboleth lore — or just sink an inconvenient continent to players who want more choices for their class, their caster, and their gear.

Sunken Empires supports aboleth-centric, Atlantean, and similar adventures with technology and lore for any civilization, lost or otherwise, and creatures from the Underdeep.

It’s time to go beneath the surface.

  • Introduction by the creator of the aboleths, D&D designer David “Zeb” Cook.
  • How to Sink an Empire: worldbuilding cataclysms
  • Weapons and technology of lost empires, from lightning spears to mind paste.
  • New PC races and classes, including the surprising net fighter and oceanic bloodlines
  • Spells and magic of the sea, including new domains
  • New creatures, including coral drakes, drowned maidens, and goblin sharks
  • DM tools and adventure hooks
  • Complete Ecology of the Aboleth

Written by Brandon Hodge and Open Design patrons, with frequent review, playtest and feedback to maximize playability. 80 pages.