Pathfinder: Undefeatable - The Collected Feats Sourcebook

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Feats. Think you have enough feats to choose from? No matter how many feats a typical character may possess during the average campaign, players everywhere love new feats. There is something about feats, those bite-sized special abilities that help set a character apart from the others in his party, that excite players.

Undefeatable gives you the largest collection, over 500 feats, that will help you creatively develop you’ve had for your character. From new metamagic feats to feats that make use of your bond to your class specific skills, this book brings a whole array of new abilities to your player character. Undefeatable is the sourcebook that GMs and player have been waiting for to take their game to that next level.

Written by Owen Barnes, Reuben Hinman, Michael R. Kimmel, Erin Palette, Simon Rocquette and Louis Porter Jr.