Planet Stories: S.O.S the Rope Paperback

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by Piers Anthony, with an introduction by Robert Vardeman

From New York Times best selling author Piers Anthony, creator of the Xanth series, comes a lost classic of apocalypse and redemption. Uncounted generations from now, civilization lies shattered in the aftermath of the Blast. To survive in the bleak landscape of this savage, post-apocalyptic future, the fiercest warriors of humanity’s disorganized tribes clash in individual combat, risking death and dishonor in the ritual battle circle.

But for the exiled warrior Sos, this desolate future is not enough. Tutored by a small group of humans hoarding the advanced technology of a bygone age, Sos sets out to climb the ladder of his barbaric world, sacrificing all he holds dear to raise up his people from darkness. But just as his plans near fruition, Sos uncovers the terrible secret of his world—a secret that launches him on a path not to liberate the planet for his people, but to destroy it...