Premium Magnum Ultra-Fit Sleeve 65mm x 100mm - Copper (80 Sleeves)

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Premium Magnum Ultra-Fit Copper Sleeves: 65 MM X 100 MM for 7 Wonders and more! You get 80 of these per pack, not just 50 like most of our premium sleeves!

Please note these are the premium thickness sleeves, 125% thicker than our normal sleeves.

These sleeves are a limited run (test) item for us. There are 80 sleeves per pack and the sleeves are 90 microns thick, our premium thickness. These are compatible with Queen's Necklace©, 7 Wonders©, Small World: Tales & Legends© & other cards measuring 65 X 100 MM. The cards will fit snuggly in these sleeves.