Redshirts Deluxe Edition

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Everyone in the Galactic Space Corps knows that the most successful starship Captains go through junior-enlisted crewmen like a fat kid goes through cupcakes.

Assemble and lead an away team of heroic yet disposable characters at a variety of locations, such as A Strange Energy Field Never Before Encountered or the Planet of Beautiful, Utopian, and in No Way Suspicious Women.

Examine missions such as Kielbasa Maroon, Poke This Slime With A Stick, and Fix the Exhaust Port Before Some Redneck Drops a Torpedo Down it to determine the crewman with the very best chance to succeed. And then send someone else!

Redshirts is a fast paced screw-your-buddies style card game for 2 to 7 players.

Redshirts usually takes 30-90 minutes to play although play time can vary depending on the luck of the draw, and how vicious people are feeling at the time.

Redshirts contains 2 decks totalling 108 beautiful full color cards and a rules booklet, which is everything you need for a fun-filled evening of space exploration, betrayal and murder.