Relic Knights: Dark Space Calamity - Black Diamond Battle Box

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Black Diamond is the largest mercenary force in the universe. Originally created to manage the disparate private Security Charters, Black Diamond has become increasingly centralized and cohesive. It now maintains a force to rival any of the most powerful organizations in the Last Galaxy. Leopold Magnus spearheads Black Diamond's research and development. Naturally the best place to test his fiendish creations is on the field of battle.

Featuring a playable force straight out of the box, mini-rulebook with complete game rules, an esper deck, and tons of tokens; this starter box is the perfect way to jump straight into the Relic Knights tabletop miniatures game!


  • 1x Leopold Magnus Model — Questing Knight
  • 1x Static Model — Cypher
  • 1x M8-Blitz Auto-Tank Model —Minion
  • 5x Diamond Corps Models — Minion Squad
  • 6x 30mm, 1x 40mm, and 1x 50mm Bases
  • Unit Tracker and Reference Cards
  • 32 page Mini-Rulebook
  • 54 Card Battle Deck
  • 3x 50mm Purple Acrylic Objective Markers
  • 28x 30mm Purple Acrylic Tokens