Rifts RPG: World Book 21 Splynn Dimensional Market

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Mark Sumimoto and Kevin Siembieda present one of the wonders of Rifts Earth -- the Dimensional Market at Splynn, in Atlantis. A place where it is said that anything, & everything, including people, have a price.

  • The market described in all its glory.
  • Exotic people, slaves & products.
  • More magic and magical weapons.
  • More about Tattoo Magic & Tattooed Men.
  • Dozens of New Symbiotes & Parasites used in Bio-Wizardry.
  • New Rune weapons & Bio-Wizard devices.
  • The monstrous Bio-Borg™ and much more.
  • Cat. No. 836
  • Page Count: 192 pages.
  • Cover by: John Zeleznik; depicts the market.
  • Interior Art: Perez, Burles, Breaux, & Dubisch.
  • Written by: Mark Sumimoto with Kevin Siembieda.