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The Rockwell company wants to develop drilling activities, but does not have the necessary teams in-house so Rockwell has decided to buy into specialized companies. In order to determine which company it will put on the most advanced and most profitable projects in the future, Rockwell has elected to make them work together on a single important project: drilling through the depths of the earth's crust to the core. Through three phases of gameplay, players will move their drill crews to Earth crust tiles to harvest the best minerals and resources and can improve their odds by deploying the vice president to corrupt opposing crews or high subcontractors to increase the drilling power. After four rounds, the mines laid on the drilled tiles provide the resources printed on the back of the tiles. These resources are then sold and bought through the vice president on the market which then leads into the phase where players can then make investments to get renown points and improve their drilling conditions in future rounds. The end of the game is determined when the majority of the players have reached the center of the Earth with a drill crew or a player has completed the nine Achievement cards, each with various goals or tasks on them. The company who demonstrates the greatest expertise in the technical and financial management of this contract will ensure a bright future with Rockwell.