Romance of the Nine Empires: Arcane Fire

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Romance of the Nine Empires: Arcane Fire is an expansion to the epic card game featured in “The Gamers: Hands of Fate” movie! This box contains a playset of all the cards necessary to build two of the most popular deck archetypes that did not make the cut into the final 8 at the 15th Annual World Championships, as well as brand new cards for the five existing factions of Countermay.

Wield the power of guardians— extraplanar heroes summoned by wizards — with the Magocracy of Arcanix, or strike down your foes with the Tuatha!

Whichever path you choose, have fun storming the castles!

This is an expansion. The Romance of the Nine Empires: 15th Anniversary World Championship Edition is required to play.


  • 250 Cards
  • Rules Supplement