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Hoist the Jolly Roger! Two pirate crews engage in fierce battle for Davy Jones` treasure in Rum & Bones, a tabletop miniatures game of swashbuckling and cutthroat piracy! In Rum & Bones, players take command of a pirate faction - the swashbuckling Wellsport Brotherhood or the undead Bone Devils - and take to the High Seas in an effort to board their opponents boat and destroy their objectives to win the game. Each side has five characters with a variety of attacks and abilities to fight alongside the faceless crew as they charge headlong across the gangplanks to sink, take, or burn the enemy ship! Plus, each pirate faction has its own unique theme and crewmen (including Bosuns and Deckhands), and the characters abilities combine in startling ways to create killer combos and feats of daring. But, beware! Too much power concentrated in one place stands a chance of summoning the mighty Kraken, which can turn the battle in an instant!