Rune Age: Oath and Anvil Expansion

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While the dwarves of the Dunwarr Mountains labor tirelessly in their massive subterranean forges, the orcs of the Broken Plains are themselves tempered by tribal conflict in a hostile land. But can they set aside their ancient rivalries to work together in the face of an all new evil?

Enhance every aspect of Rune Age with the Oath and Anvil expansion! While the existing factions are bolstered by new units and abilities, two new empires join the conflict: the Orcs of the Broken Plains and the Dwarves of Dunwarr. At the same time, new scenarios challenge your deck-building prowess and new Mercenary cards provide even more strategic options. Unite the tribes, fire the forges, and experience Rune Age like never before!

Oath and Anvil consists of one Rulesheet and 210 Cards, including:

  • 24 Core Game Faction Unit Cards
  • 30 Orc Faction Cards
  • 30 Dwarf Faction Cards
  • 50 Mercenary Cards
  • 76 Scenario-specific Cards